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Vitargo Pure Form

by vitargo
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  • Vitargo in its purest form
  • Fast glycogen supplement
  • Instant energy!
  • Vitargo Pure Form

    Vitargo® is a patented carbohydrate composition with unique properties, specially formulated for top athletes to effectively store easily accessible muscle energy (glycogen) in their bodies. Vitargo® is a considerably longer carbohydrate chain than those used in all other carbohydrate energy drinks, the molecular structure is reminiscent of that of glycogen.

    The larger the carbohydrate chain, the faster it will pass through the stomach and it will be quickly absorbed into your blood via the intestines. This is called osmolality, the lower the osmolality the faster the gastric passage will be. Vitargo® has been clinically tested at the Karolinska Institute of Sports in Stockholm and compared with other 'normal' carbohydrate-rich sports drinks. The results show that Vitargo® is faster in the replenishment of glycogen stores and gastric passage compared to the normally used combinations of complex glucose polymers (glucose, fructoes, dextrose, maltrose, malttrodextrin).

    By taking Vitargo Carboloader before or during training it ensures that your blood sugar level remains stable in value during exercise, which is good for energy, but it also prevents immediate muscle breakdown. Also ideal after training. 
    By taking Vitargo Carboloader before training, your body is assured of sufficient carbohydrates during training. 

    A bucket of Vitargo Carboloader is sufficient for 57 pre-workout doses or 26 post-workout doses. 
    You can also use vitargo together with Intra Amino.
    Available in 2 kg buckets.


    Vitargo Pure form can be used to replenish your glycogen stores before or after a competition or long workout. To do this, mix 40 to 80 grams of Vitargo with 500 ml of water. Vitargo can also be taken during exercise. In that case, mix a maximum of 40 grams of Vitargo with 500 ml of water.

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