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Athletes who do strength training have different goals; maybe you want to participate in a bodybuilding competition, another does Crossfit, but you can also do it because you want to be healthy and look your best. To achieve these goals, you train hard, eat healthy, and take extra protein powders that complement your diet. 

But in order to achieve your goals, it is also important that you can perform optimally during training. Various products have been developed for this, which we naturally offer at VNMshop. Products that not only provide muscle building, but also more focus and energy during a workout.

Glutamine and BCAAs

BCAAs are the three main amino acids with which proteins are built. By using a BCAA supplement during training you can prevent muscle breakdown and promote muscle building.

Glutamine is a nutrient that is produced in the body, so we normally do not need to get it through food. But when you make the body work hard, you can take extra glutamine to help the muscles recover and grow better.


A pre-workout supplement is the ultimate performance tool. Take these before training and you will have more energy, strength, pump and focus than ever before. This not only ensures that you perform during a competition or training, the results will also be there. Muscle growth will increase, you can lift heavier weights, and you can keep going longer.


Creatine is a substance that is produced by the body itself and that we can obtain by eating animal products. Creatine ensures that your muscles get energy, this makes you tired less quickly and you can keep going longer. This allows you to lift heavier weights and do more sets or reps during a workout. This ultimately results in more muscle mass.

Performance tools at VNMshop

Above, we have mentioned just a few supplements that can improve your performance during a training or competition. Ultimately, this will lead to you achieving the goals you are pursuing. In our range you will of course find even more products such as testo boosters and energy drinks. If you have any questions about these supplements, do not hesitate to contact VNMshop. This can be done very easily via our chat function. We are happy to help you!

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