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Vegetable Proteins

Proteins, also called protein, are very important to our body. They provide calories and amino acids. Our body needs no fewer than 22 of these amino acids, of which the body can make 13 itself. We have to get the rest of the amino acids from our food and are called essential amino acids. Many people get this from animal proteins, but there are also many vegetable proteins. This is important for people who want or need to eat vegan. If you are lactose intolerant, for example, you cannot tolerate dairy products, but animal welfare and the environment are also important reasons to eat vegan. Plant-based food also contains proteins, but the amino acid profile of vegan products contains far fewer essential amino acids than that of animal products. If you eat vegan or vegetarian, it is therefore important to take this into account.


Vegans need more protein

The protein quality in various protein sources can differ greatly. Not all foods containing protein provide all essential amino acids. Just because the quality of vegetable protein is lower doesn't mean it is worse for you. It does mean that you need more of it to get enough essential amino acids. On average, vegans and vegetarians should therefore consume 25% more protein. This amounts to about 15 grams extra per day. Not only vegans and vegetarians have an interest in paying attention to their protein intake. Pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children and athletes also have a higher protein requirement. This is because the protein contributes to muscle building and recovery after strenuous physical exercise.  

How do you get enough vegan protein?

But how do you get enough vegetable protein if you fall into one of these groups? You can try to eat very varied and high-protein food, so that you get vegan proteins from different protein sources. However, this can sometimes be difficult, because the protein quality can differ so much. Another way to still get enough vegan protein is by taking Vegan protein powder is. This is a tasty, easy and quick way to get enough protein, even if you eat plant-based.

Choose easy and safe

Given the importance that protein plays in our body, it is important to make sure that you are getting enough of it. Whether you do not consume animal proteins because you are lactose intolerant, or because you find the environment and animal welfare so important, the fact remains that you have to make up for this deficiency in a different way. Especially for pregnant women, athletes and children this is very heavy. Vegan protein powders are the ideal way to meet this need. Easy, tasty and you can be sure that there is always enough protein in it.
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