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BCAA intra

by Stacker
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  • Enriched with BCAAs
  • Added minerals
  • Intra workout

    * Available in the flavors Green Apple and Tropical Fruit
    * Enriched with BCAA and Minerals
    * Sugar and fat free
    * Intra Workout


    BCAA Intra VAN Stacker2 is an Intra Workout supplement, specially formulated to be taken during your training. 

    BCAA Intra Stacker 2 features:

    BCAA Intra contains a combination of BCAAs, Minerals and various other ingredients. The branched chain Amino Acids BCAA (in English: Branched Chain Amino Acids) consist of 3 types of essential Amino Acids: L-Isoleucine - L-Leucine - L-Valine. 

    Amino acids are the building blocks of Proteins. This supplement is suitable for both strength and endurance athletes. BCAA Intra has a nice taste, perfectly soluble and available in different variants. Each dose contains 17 Kcal and is sugar and fat free.

    Use / Dosage:

    Mix 2 measuring scoops (11,4 g) with 250 ml of water.

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