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RUSH V4 Pre-workout

by Stacker
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  • Power boost
  • Adrialine rush
  • Intense focus
  • RUSH V4

    RUSH V4 is formulated to such an extent that we can speak of the strongest and most effective pre-workout formula available today. Developments do not stand still and a lot of research is being done into performance-enhancing extracts and the best combinations of substances that increase energy, strength and focus to the maximum. RUSH V4 is the result of this continuous search. RUSH V4 is formulated on the basis of hard science, years of research and decades of consumer experiences coupled with input from top athletes.  

    RUSH V4 gives you

    • 21 active ingredients in one scoop
    • Unprecedented long lasting energy and focus
    • A powerful muscle pump
    • The correct, effective dosages, per individual ingredient
    • A pre-workout in 6 fantastic fruit flavors
    • A top product without nonsensical 'fillers'

    Next generation pre-workout formula
    RUSH V4 not only contains the most powerful active ingredients, but also selected the right combinations for you, in the right dosage. Our RUSH V4 contains a total of 21 ingredients, including a never-before-used combination of citrulline combined with quercitin and betaine. Our innovative RUSH V4 composition ensures that you can get the most out of yourself in every physical area. No other pre-workout supplement is as complete and as precisely formulated as our RUSH V4.

    What role do the ingredients play in optimizing your performance?

    Caffeine, Theine, Yerba Mate, Inositol
    By stacking these four substances you experience a powerful burst of energy. The energy boost stimulates you to train harder than normal and the energy enables you to sustain your effort longer.

    Creatine monohydrate, tri-creatine citrate, creatine pyruvate, creatine ethyl ester malate
    These four forms of creatine are clinically proven and give you short-term superpower. A strength increase of up to 10% has been scientifically proven with daily use of creatine.

    Arginine, Citrulline
    Arginine and citrulline are amino acids with a high nitrogen factor. This NO effect is responsible for your muscle pump and your fantastic physique right after a hard workout.

    ALCAR (acetyl-l-carnitine), choline (tetramethylglycine), betaine (trimethylglycine), vitamin b6 (pyridoxine), vitamin b12 (cobalamin) and glycine
    Many pre-workouts don't go beyond strength and energy. RUSH V4 goes further by incorporating a combination of six focus ingredients into its formula. With a correct concentration and razor-sharp focus you are able to train at a higher level.

    Stamina and Recovery
    Beta Alanine, Quercitin
    Less acidification and your sprint or training just a little longer than you are used to. They are marginal gains that are the difference between winning and losing. Postponing the acidification gives you a big advantage.

    Sense of well-being
    Tyrosine, Piper Nigrum, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
    More endorphins, a fitter feeling and less stress hormones ensure that your body recovers faster from heavy exertion and it prevents muscle breakdown. You can go deeper, train more often and reach your goal faster.

    If you are looking for a product that actually makes a difference in terms of strength, endurance and maximum performance: look no further, RUSH V4 is the answer! RUSH V4 is available in 30 doses and 60 doses. In addition to the most popular fruit punch flavor, there are 5 fantastic fruit flavors available.

    With RUSH V4 you are unstoppable!

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