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Weight Gainers

Mega Mass 4000, Mammoth 2500, Gain Fast 3100,… For those who have been walking in the fitness and bodybuilding world for some time, these names will undoubtedly ring a bell. For some, such "weight gainers" are an indispensable part of muscle building, while others shrug their shoulders for what they see as "thickening calorie bombs." It may be clear. Weight Gainers are not meant for everyone. If you are already getting fat just by looking at food, then this product is not for you. If you brag twice with every meal, you snack all day long, but you still don't get a gram, a weight gainer can help you finally break through that plateau.

Weight Gainers are nothing but liquid meals. You can see it as "steak with potatoes" or "rice and chicken" in a shake. Very handy so if you want to eat more but that, for whatever reason, doesn't work. Maybe you don't have the time. Or can you do the schompes? Or are you just not a big eater. Anyway. Weight Gainers are the ideal addition for anyone who cannot get enough calories. Because let's not forget: muscle building only becomes possible in a positive energy balance, so if you eat more than you burn.

Weight Gainers consist mainly of carbohydrates and proteins. The proportion of fats is very low in most cases. This means that almost all weight gainers contain about the same amount of calories per 100 grams. Some brands advertise slogans like “1000 calories per shake”. This is not due to a superior formula, but can only be attributed to the larger portions.

Calorie content is therefore not a criterion for choosing one product over another. What can you pay attention to when purchasing? First, of course, on the price. It is of no use if you get the perfect product at home, but can only use it sparingly because of the high price. A weight gainer is a product that you usually have to take every day, even several times a day for high calorie needs. For the same reason, it is also important that you like the product. After all, you have to take it daily and for a longer period of time. Just as Rome was not built in a day, you should not expect to achieve your dream physics in two weeks with the occasional shakie.

In terms of composition, weight gainers differ among themselves both in the ratio of carbohydrates and proteins, and in the type of carbohydrates and proteins. Complex 5 contains, for example, 40% carbohydrates while at Pure Mass almost 75%. Complex-5 contains only complex carbohydrates from oats and buckwheat, while in Pure Mass dextrose and maltodextrin provide the fuel. Complex-5 provides long-lasting energy and keeps the blood sugar level constant. Pure Mass is beneficial and is quickly digested, allowing more food to be eaten. So there is no "good" or "bad" weight gainer. It all depends on your wishes and goals.


  • IQ Nutrition - Complex-5 Vanilla 2.273kg
    from €59.95 EUR

    Complex 5

    IQ Nutrition
    • Arrive without fat mass
    • 49 gr protein per serving
    • No sugars and Aspartame
    from €59.95 EUR
  • Sale
    from €39.95 EUR

    Ultimate Mass

    Bio Synthesis
    • 37gr protein
    • 86gr complex carbohydrates
    • For men and women
    from €39.95 EUR
  • IQ Nutrition Pure Mass 5kg Strawberry
    from €29.95 EUR

    Pure Mass

    IQ Nutrition
    • Fast weight gain
    • 912 kcal per shake
    • No lumps
    from €29.95 EUR
  • Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass
    €39.99 EUR

    Serious mass

    Optimum Nutrition
    • Rapid weight gain
    • Contains creatine monohydrate
    • 2,7 kg
    €39.99 EUR
  • €24.95 EUR

    QNT 3000 Muscle Mass

    €24.95 EUR
  • €39.99 EUR

    Fit Phoenix Healthy gainer

    VNM shop
    €39.99 EUR
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