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Protein bars and vegan protein bars; delicious snacks for energy and extra protein

In recent years, protein bars and vegan protein bars have become very popular. It is therefore a convenient source of nutrition to quickly get proteins and energy. Many people lead busy and active lives, so an easy source of protein and other nutrients fits very well into this lifestyle. 

There are many different protein bars, due to the popularity of plant-based products, vegan protein bars have been added. However, it is important to know that there is a wide variety between the different brands. 

Protein bars and vegan protein bars fit into a healthy diet, provided they are used for the purposes for which they were made. Read on to determine the benefits they provide and how best to fit the bars into your diet. 

The nutritional value of protein bars and vegan protein bars

The different brands, flavors and types of protein bars differ enormously in nutritional value. That's because each bar contains different ingredients. Most bars are deliciously sweet, which is due to sugars or sweeteners in certain bars, but for others sweet ingredients such as dates and dried fruit are used. In addition, nuts, seeds and grains such as oats and quinoa are often used. 

Most protein bars contain about 5-10 grams of fat, 25-35 grams of carbohydrates and 5-10 grams of fiber. However, the bars are purchased because of the proteins. A protein bar or vegan protein bar contains about 10-20 grams of protein, but some even 30 grams of protein. All together this amounts to about 150 to 400 calories. 

In addition to the proteins, fats and carbohydrates, many protein bars also contain micronutrients, such as calcium, B vitamins, potassium and iron. It is always wise to take a good look at the ingredients list of the product. Certain bars are high in added sugar or unhealthy sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. Large consumption of this sugar substitute can have negative health consequences. 

The different brands use different protein sources. In some bars, milk powder, whey powder, casein or yogurt powder is added. Vegan protein bars use vegetable sources such as soy, peas or brown rice. Certain brands use added proteins, with other bars you can get proteins from whole ingredients such as nuts and seeds. 

So-called high protein bars use highly concentrated protein sources such as whey protein or soy. 

The benefits of protein bars

When you're hungry, it's very easy to quickly grab a protein bar from the cupboard or from your gym bag. The bars and snacks are also very tasty these days. However, the protein bars and vegan protein bars only have real benefits if you use them for certain functions. 

Easy source of nutrients

A protein bar or protein snack is nowadays a quick and tasty way of taking in nutrients. There is a wide choice of snacks, they last a long time and they are easy to take with you to work, gym or on a trip. If you want to take something with you that contains a lot of nutrients and protein and that can be consumed quickly, protein bars are a good choice. For athletes, the bars are very useful to eat before a workout for energy or for recovery after a workout. Some protein bars also contain a lot of dietary fiber, depending on the ingredients. These are important for digestion and also provide satiety. 

The protein bars are mainly eaten because of the proteins. However, it often also contains important vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, potassium, iron, etc. This can contribute to the daily requirement of micronutrients. 

Can help with weight loss

Many people use protein bars to lose weight. A high-protein diet can help you lose weight in a healthy way. This is because proteins have a satiating effect. This makes you less hungry and you will not eat too much quickly. Protein bars and vegan protein bars can help with weight loss. However, it remains important to ensure a balanced diet, best combined with exercise. 

Gain weight with protein bars

If you want to gain weight, you will need to eat more calories than you burn each day. Some athletes want to bulk to build more muscle, others would like to gain some extra pounds. Protein bars, vegan protein bars and protein snacks can then be a useful addition. 

Most protein bars are high in calories. As a result, you only need to eat a delicious snack to add a lot of calories to your daily number. Certain brands even contain about 350 calories. Such a bar as a snack between healthy meals can quickly cause weight gain. 

If you choose protein bars to gain weight, it is best to choose bars that contain healthy ingredients instead of bars that are full of added sugars. 

Protein bars, vegan protein bars and snacks as a meal replacement

Protein bars are also often used to replace a meal. This is mainly done before breakfast, as this is a convenient and quick substitution. A quiet breakfast with a variety of foods cannot be replaced, but we don't have the time for that every day. If you want to use a protein bar as a meal replacement, choose a high-calorie bar that consists of healthy ingredients. That means no added sugars, sugar substitutes or hydrogenated oil. 

Building muscle mass

Do you exercise a lot? Do you often do strength sports? Do you have a lot of muscle mass or do you want to gain more muscle? Then you need more proteins in your daily diet than a non-athlete. Your muscles need to recover after a workout and need constant nourishment. It can be difficult for athletes to meet these protein needs on a daily basis. Protein bars, protein-rich snacks and vegan protein bars can then be a useful addition. 

Snacks, protein bars and vegan protein bars at VNMshop

We offer a wide range of protein-rich snacks and bars. Of course you can let your choice be determined by your taste, but it is best to look at your goals. Therefore, take a good look at the ingredients list, how much protein and sugars the products contain and whether the products are made from plant or animal foods.  

Looking for a smart snack?

Put a few protein bars in your bag, so that when you feel like something tasty or there is nothing healthy available, you can always grab this responsible alternative. Fiber is also increasingly becoming a component of protein bars. Most protein bars are free of trans fatty acids. This is a big plus compared to normal candy bars.


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