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Protein bars & snacks

Looking for a smart snack? Put a few protein bars in your bag, so that if you feel like something tasty or if there is nothing healthy available, you can always grab this responsible alternative. Protein bars contain on average such an 20 to 30 gram of protein per bar, as much as a thick steak. Whey protein is often used, often in a mix with other sources. Note the presence of "collagen hydrolyzate", a chic name for ordinary gelatin. Due to the lack of the essential amino acid L-tryptophan, gelatin has a biological value of zero. Some protein bars contain just as many sugars as the candy bars at the supermarket checkout. Other specimens are virtually sugar-free and are sweetened with polyols and sweeteners. Because polyols (usually listed on the label as "sugar alcohol") are less well absorbed in the small intestine, they deliver fewer calories than regular carbohydrates. They also have less effect on blood sugar levels. Fiber is also increasingly becoming a component of protein bars. Most protein bars are free of trans fatty acids. This is a big plus compared to normal candy bars. Protein bars can be high in fat. This can be due to the addition of peanuts or nuts, or the use of oils and fats. Protein bars can be a tasty and practical supplement to the diet. However, do not assume that a protein bar by definition has a healthy composition and check the label in particular for the presence of sugars and saturated fats.


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