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vegan lifestyle

vegan lifestyle

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Why the vegan lifestyle is so often recommended

vegan lifestyle:
There is increasing talk of the need to consume less animal products. The main reason given for this is to reduce CO2 emissions and thus safeguard the future of our planet (and of course ours). The range of vegetable substitutes for animal products is increasing enormously. A vegan was forced to go to a specialist store less than 10 years ago, now the shelves of every supermarket are full of dairy and meat substitutes. There are several types for an athlete like you vegan protein available. This makes the step to try a plant-based diet smaller and smaller, also because the products are getting better and better in taste. Have you ever been about to order a plant protein? Do you want to know more about the Vegan lifestyle? It is important to note that there is a difference between veganism and a plant-based diet.

What is Veganism?

A person may call himself / herself vegan if he or she has made this choice for ethical reasons. The belief of a vegan is that every animal has just as much right to live free as a human being. The goal of the vegan is to contribute as little as possible to the suffering of animals. In practice it means that a vegan does not consume animal products and does not wear clothing containing animal products. Also, a vegan will not visit places where animals are used against their will to entertain people, such as a zoo, circus etc.

Many people have a strict image of the word vegan. They soon picture an activist shouting his opinion. However, it is empathy that drives the vegan, he wants a better world for everyone, people and animals. A vegan therefore consciously chooses this lifestyle because of the animals, the additional environmental benefits are a bonus for a vegan. In addition to animal welfare and the environment, there is another good reason to switch to a plant-based diet, namely the health benefits.

Follow a vegan lifestyle for its health benefits

The Plant Based Whole Food Diet is the healthiest diet. There is a lot of evidence that eating plant products, such as fruits and vegetables, contributes to a healthy body. Studies have also shown that vegans and vegetarians generally have better health than omnivores. The plant-based diet is increasingly recommended to people with heart complaints, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Animal products are the main culprits in the 'normal diet'. In recent decades, people have started to eat more and more of animal products. Animal products contain a lot of saturated fats, hormones, antibiotics and toxins. Moreover, cow's milk is a product that is not intended for human consumption. The result of this consumption is clearly evident in all lifestyle diseases.

Making changes to your diet is the biggest step you can take to improve your health. As a fanatic athlete you can do a vegan protein use as a supplement. It is important to note the difference between a healthy plant-based diet and a vegan diet. A vegan can live on Oreos, tortilla chips and cola without harming an animal, but it is not really healthy.

Vegan lifestyle in short

• Someone who eats plant-based because of the animals is a vegan
• Other reasons for eating plant-based are for health and / or environmental reasons
• The Plant Based Whole Food diet is the healthiest diet
• This is a diet in which you eat whole and whole products as much as possible
• A plant-based diet is also very suitable for athletes
• There are many different plant protein supplements available

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