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Biceps Blaster

by Crate
€29.95 EUR
  • Provide back support
  • Train your biceps
  • Extra reinforcement 
    • Keep your back in the correct position
    • Train your Biceps and Triceps
    • Extra reinforcement during strenuous exercise
    • Handy during bicep curls and pull dows

    With the Bicep blaster you cannot actually train your biceps incorrectly, your back is in the right position so that you can smuggle less. In principle, you can train exactly with the right weight.
    The great thing is that you isolate the biceps and make the right swing so that you train and stimulate the muscles well.
    It is much more effective than normal dumbbells because the contraction is different and your arms are loose.
    Have you ever done bicep curls against the wall? you will notice that this provides much more stability and grip. Your back posture is also better.

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