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Vitamin D3

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  • Good functioning for the muscles
  • For teeth and bones
  • Important for the hormone household
  • Vitamin D3

    The benefits of ACP Vitamin D3

    • Filled with 25 mcg of vitamin D3;
    • Helps the immune system;
    • Contributes to the construction and maintenance of the skeleton and teeth;
    • Ensures proper functioning of the muscles;
    • Vitamin D prevents osteoporosis in later life;
    • Supplemented with soybean oil for better absorption.

    Why is Vitamin D Important?

    It is very important to get enough vitamin D on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is not always easy. Vitamin D is produced by our body when we expose our skin to the sun. Unfortunately, this is not possible every day in the Dutch climate. In addition, too much exposure on summer days can be harmful.

    Vitamin D is a vitamin that is necessary for the growth of your bones and teeth, as well as keeping them strong. The absorption of calcium and phosphorus from food is promoted by vitamin D. In addition, vitamin D is important to keep your resistance high and it ensures that your muscles continue to work properly. It is therefore an indispensable vitamin for people who train a lot.

    How do you use vitamin D3 as a supplement?

    Taking extra vitamin D is recommended by the nutrition center for people who have a dark or medium skin color, for the elderly, young children, pregnant women and people who do not get outside often.

    Since you have to go outside with bare body parts every day to absorb enough vitamin D, VNMshop advises everyone to take one tablet of vitamin D from ACP every day. You can take the tablet during a meal, but also at any other time. This ACP product also contains soybean oil, which ensures that the vitamin can be absorbed into your blood.

    Vitamins at VNMshop

    At VNMshop you can not only find all kinds of proteins, energy boosters and vitamin D. We sell many more types of vitamins that can contribute to your health. How about multivitamins, healthy omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin complexes that are good for keeping your tendons and attachments healthy? Take a look around our website. Do you have questions? Feel free to ask them, we are happy to help you!

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