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Vegan Protein Isolate

door Peak
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  • Low in sugars
  • vegan mix
  • Low in fat

    Vegan Protein Isolate

    Fortunately, the days when you had to search for a good protein supplement as a vegan are over. More and more companies are seeing the benefits and possibilities of vegetable proteins. The range is also growing at your trusted Vnmshop, such as this beautiful product from Peak; a completely vegetable protein isolate. 

    A protein isolate is probably the most popular form of protein, because of the high content of proteins you see quickly results and also get real value for money. This product is suitable for vegans and anyone who sports fanatically, the muscles just need that support. This powder is also a good substitute for regular protein powders when your body has trouble digesting them.

    Vegan Protein Isolate from Peak

    Vegan Protein Isolate is a vegetable protein powder that is only sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia. This supplement is suitable for vegans, vegetarians and anyone intolerant to animal products such as dairy and eggs. This vegan protein will help you meet all of your daily protein needs. Proteins are simply necessary for the maintenance of your muscles. This certainly applies when you exercise regularly, but also when you follow a low-carb diet, for example. To promote muscle recovery after a workout and to support muscle growth, take a delicious vegetable protein shake every day.

    This product combines two of the most effective sources of vegetable protein: Rice Protein Isolate and Pea Protein Isolate. This combination creates a complete amino acid profile that is even superior to that of some animal protein sources. The powder contains a low content of carbohydrates and fats, making this product very suitable for all kinds of diets. 

    The advantage of protein isolate is that the protein percentage is very high. This product contains 80 grams of proteins per 100 grams. Vegetable proteins are already very well absorbed by the body. An animal protein powder can sometimes give you a bloated feeling, you will not get that quickly from a vegetable product, especially when it comes to an isolate. 


    To make a delicious shake from this plant protein, dissolve 2 scoops (30 grams) in 250 ml of water. If you want a creamier shake, you can use less water or use a vegetable milk such as soy milk or oat milk. Do you want to achieve optimal results from your training and vegetable proteins? Then take a shake immediately after waking up and just after training. Then the muscles are fed when they need the nutrition the most. 

    The benefits of Vegan Protein Isolate

    At Vnmshop you can find the best supplements, even if you are looking for high-quality vegan products. This plant protein from Peak offers you the following benefits:
    • Mix of proteins from peas and rice
    • Helps meet daily protein needs
    • Supports muscle growth
    • Promotes muscle recovery after exercise
    • Low in carbohydrates, very low in sugars
    • Sweetened with Stevia so free from aspartame
    • Low in fats
    • Delicious taste: chocolate
    • Lactose-free
    • Very well absorbable
    • Pure form vegan protein with no less than 80% protein per 100 grams

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    Vegan Protein Isolate

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