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Ultimate Lean Body Stack

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Ultimate Isolate
Ultimate Casein
Ultimate lean body stack
Are you seriously training hard to get a dry muscular body? Let VNMshop help you with that! We are your personal coach by providing you with the right thing diet and we also offer you just the right supplements. Because no matter how hard you train and how healthy you eat, those muscles can use a little extra to be able to grow optimally. VNMshop has put together the Ultimate Lean Body Stack especially for you. This consists of:

Ultimate Isolate

You can see isolate proteins as the holy grail of proteins. Thanks to the combination of hydro-isolate and isolate proteins, this product contains an extremely high percentage of proteins. In addition, it contains very few carbohydrates and fats, making it very suitable for the production of lean muscle mass.

Use Ultimate Isolate immediately after waking up and after training for optimal muscle growth and recovery.

Ultimate Casein

Your muscles grow and recover during rest, especially during sleep. To promote this recovery, it is wise to take casein proteins before going to sleep. Casein proteins are digested slowly by the body, providing the muscles with nutrition all night long.

Intra Amino

The breakdown of muscles already starts during training. You also lose a lot of vitamins and minerals by sweating. This ensures that you can no longer function optimally. To combat muscle breakdown you need quickly absorbable BCAA. Intra Amino contains BCAA, L-Glutamine and vitamins and minerals that ensure that you can stay energized during training.

Mix a scoop of Intra Amino in your drinking bottle for a delicious and thirst-quenching drink during training.

NH-7 pre workout

You have to train a lot to gain lean muscle mass. To be able to keep this up, you sometimes need something extra such as a pre workout supplement. When you take this half an hour before training, it will give you the boost you need. During the training you will notice that you have more focus, more energy and that you have more strength during the exercise.
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