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Stacker 7-PhenylStack

by Stacker
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  • Powerful fatburner
  • Appetite inhibiting
  • Gives energy!
  • 7-PhenylStack - Stacker2

    Stacker2 fat burners are known worldwide as the most popular fat burners. And manufacturer NVE Pharmaceuticals is now taking it a step further with an improved composition of its best-seller 7-PhenylStack. Even more powerful and effective!

    NVE has worked on this new formula for no less than two years. The result is something that was considered impossible until recently: an extremely powerful composition, free of ephedra, free of yohimbe, but with fat-burning properties and metabolism-enhancing extracts that are considered among the strongest in the world! It's unbelievable what 7-PhenylStack does. It is the way to lose weight spectacularly fast.

    How does this improved version of 7-PhenylStack work?
    Unique to 7-PhenylStack are the extracts that are better absorbed by the body by means of the patented microchip4 technology. The active substances are directly absorbed into the body and therefore this Stacker works faster, more effective and more powerful than other fat burners. The new version of 7-Phenylstack contains ingredients that have been analyzed by EFSA and have a proven positive contribution to fat metabolism and weight management. The extracts choline, garcinia cambogia and green tea (with no less than 60% polyphenols) come from NVE's own cultivation and thus guarantee the quality you can expect from this original Stacker.

    The familiar Stacker feeling lasts for a long time.
    You can feel the highest possible metabolism!
    Powerful and fast fat burning.
    Extracts with a proven positive effect on the fat metabolism.
    Patented MicroChip4 technology, improved absorption.

    When do I use 7-PhenylStack?
    Do you want maximum effect, a faster energy burner, and a product that gives you a powerful energy boost? Then 7-PhenylStack is made for you!

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