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Pure Mass

€29.95 EUR
  • Fast weight gain
  • 912 kcal per shake
  • No lumps

    * Fast weight gain
    * 912 calories per shake
    * No lumps

    Pure Mass! The best Weightgainer for hardgainers!

    Are you someone with a super fast metabolism? Can you eat what you want, but are those extra kilos not coming or only very slowly? Then you need IQ Nutrition's Pure Mass!

    Pure Mass ensures that you get a huge calorie boost in the form of proteins and carbohydrates in addition to your diet! Your body has no choice but to build mass. Weight gains of 4-5 kilos per month are not uncommon with Pure Mass.

    Proteins and carbohydrates in 1 mass-building shake
    Mix easily. No problems with lumps
    912 calories per serving
    Weight gain can amount to as much as 4-5 kilos per month!

    How exactly does Pure Mass work?

    Pure Mass actually works very simply. To grow, your body needs nutrients (proteins) and fuel (carbohydrates). Proteins for muscle recovery and growth and carbohydrates for fuel. A high metabolism means that many calories are burned in a short time. This quickly creates a shortage of fuel (carbohydrates). Proteins that are consumed when there is a shortage of carbohydrates are not used as building blocks but as fuel. As a result, the muscles can no longer recover from the damage they have sustained during training. So growth does not materialize.

    Pure Mass not only supplies enough carbohydrates to fuel the body, but also enough to store extra carbohydrates in the muscles as glycogen. Every gram of glycogen in the muscles can bind to 4 grams of water in the muscle cells (this is not the same as retaining subcutaneous fluid, which is often undesirable). Thus, an increase of 4-5 kilos of mass can be explained in 4 weeks. The muscles will not only look bigger and fuller, but there will also be an enormous increase in strength.

    In addition to the large amount of calories and the mass and strength boost, Pure Mass has the advantage over other weight gainers that it absolutely does not clump! A blender is not necessary, you can mix it very easily with a spoon.

    Pure Mass is aspartame free.

    Instructions for use Pure Mass:
    Dissolve 1 dosage (4 scoops) Pure Mass in at least 400ml water or milk. Vary the amount of liquid to get the shake in the desired thickness. For optimum results, take Pure Mass 2-4 times a day.

    Customer Reviews

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    Super satisfied

    Problems gaining and maintaining weight? Tried a lot, ultimate mass, complex5, also all of them excellent products, but with that high combustion of mine I needed something that would help me further. Currently working on the second pot and slowly the weight is added and then not in fat 😉

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