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Mega glutamine

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  • Recovery of the muscles
  • Important for the immune system
  • Building material for muscle tissue
  • L-Glutamine is an amino acid that plays a key role in building fat-free muscle tissue. With more than 60%, glutamine is the amino acid leader in our muscle cells. Our muscle cells consume large amounts of glutamine during intensive efforts. In addition to muscle tissue loss, there is at the same time an incomplete muscle recovery. Research has shown that extra glutamine in such cases (with heavy intensive training) ensures a constantly positive glutamine balance. In addition to strength and combat athletes, glutamine is also an ideal means for sports shooters, think athletes and all people who want to lose weight.

    Glutamine is an amino acid that occurs in much larger amounts in our blood and brain fluid than other amino acids. The most important reason for this is probably that glutamine (directly and / or indirectly) performs very many important functions in our body and that therefore sufficient glutamine must always be available. 

    Important functions of glutamine:

    • Important fuel for the brain 
    • Essential for the removal of toxins from proteins 
    • Very important for a good immune system
    • Many important enzymes and hormones are made from glutamine
    • Important in keeping the sugar level in the blood balanced
    • Building material for muscle tissue

    Usage Dosage:

    You can also consume 2 capsules immediately after exercise with 200ml water Creamax en BCAA 4: 1: 1 when doing.

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