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Kill It Pre workout

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  • Product of the famous bodybuilder and Youtuber Rich Piana
  • Powerful Pre workout
  • Extreme pump

Kill It pre-workout
Kill IT pre-workout from 5% Nutrition provides:
• Powerful Pre workout
• Focus and energy
• Product of the famous bodybuilder and Youtuber Rich Piana
• Extreme pump

Kill It from 5% Nutrition

Kill It can be seen as the child of the famous and infamous YouTuber Rich Piana. It's a pre-workout specifically designed to beat your workouts. This product promises you killer performance that you could only dream of before.

When you order a pre-workout, you want it to give you pump, vascularity and energy. Rich Piana was best known for his arms, which were huge. You can expect Kill it to contain a hefty dose of ingredients to deliver high levels of nitric oxide to your muscles. This fabric is responsible for that famous pump, which makes your arms look popping!

The ingredients in Kill It pre workout

Kill It pre workout from 5% Nutrition contains the following ingredients:
• Niacin, Magnesium, Sodium and Potasium
• For pump and energy: L-Cutrilline, Beta-Alinine, Taurine, Agmatine Sulfate, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Creatinol-O-Phosfate, Caffeine, L-Noravline and Rhodiola Rosea root
• Creatine blend
• Various sweeteners and flavors

5% Nutrition by Rich Piana

5% Nutrition is an American supplement company founded by professional bodybuilder Rich Piana. However, Piana passed away in 2017, at a young age of 46. His company 5% still exists and makes many different supplements especially for strength athletes. In his professional career, Piana won many bodybuilding competitions. Piana was a very popular Youtuber, but those arms of his really were his trademark.

How should you use Kill It?

Take 1 dose 30-45 minutes before the workout with 200 ml of water.

VNMshop is an online shop, but we also have several stores in the country. In these stores we provide serious athletes such as bodybuilders, athletes and crossfitters with advice and advice in the field of supplements. We therefore think it is important that you choose a product that suits you very well. Although 5% Kill It is a good and reliable product, VNMshop prefers another pre-workout: Bezerk. You can also order these online from us and buy them in one of the stores.
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