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Extra One Multivitamin

€19.95 EUR
  • Supports the resistance
  • Rich in B-complex vitamins
  • Extra high dose of vitamins
  • ACP Extra One Multivitamin

    The benefits of Extra One Multivitamin from ACP

    • High dosage of vitamins per tablet;
    • Contains a complete vitamin B complex;
    • To support the resistance;
    • Very suitable multivitamins for athletes.

    Why are B vitamins important for athletes?

    Essential nutrients are substances that the human body does not produce itself, but which we do need to live a healthy life. That is why we depend on nutrition to get these substances into our body. B vitamins are essential vitamins, there are several different types. These specific B vitamins all have their own function, they are very important to be able to stay active. They ensure a healthy metabolism, and they also ensure, among other things, the production of red blood cells. These are important to be able to absorb oxygen in our blood and transport it to the muscles. Very important if you exercise regularly!

    B vitamins are found in many different foods such as cereals, vegetables, nuts and meat. To make sure that you as an athlete get enough of these vitamins, you can take a supplement such as Extra One Multivitamin. This certainly applies if you are busy losing weight, for example, or when you are in a tough training period.

    The other vitamins and nutrients in ACP Multivitamin

    In addition to the rich vitamin-B complex, Extra One contains many more nutrients that you as an athlete can use. For example, an amino acid formula that supports muscle recovery.

    Extra One is also rich in vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and selenium. These are anti-aging antioxidants. Our body is constantly subject to free radicals that cause inflammation, especially when you work hard, have stress, perhaps sleep too little and exercise a lot. You need these vitamins to keep your body young and healthy. Of course you can do that best by eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, but that just doesn't always work, we all know that. A rich complex of multivitamins comes in handy.

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