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Daily one

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  • Supports the resistance
  • Rich in B-Complex
  • Good for the bones
  • * Supports the resistance
    * Rich in B-complex vitamins
    * Good for the bones
    * Muscle-repairing protein formula
    * Support for athletes!
    * Only 1 tablet per day! A layer 
    Daily one is the supporting formula for top athletes. The rich formula of B-complex vitamins function in optimizing carbohydrate metabolism, protein metabolism, nervous system, concentration and the production of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide, essential for good aerobic capacity, endurance athletes in particular benefit greatly from this, but of course good oxygen transport also ensures optimum performance in power sports.
    In addition, Daily one also contains a restorative amino acid formula to support muscle recovery. Together with L-ornithine, this amino acid acts on the removal of nitrogen (ammonia), which is released when proteins are broken down. 
    Daily one is rich in the antioxidants vitamins C, E, beta-carotene and seleem. Antioxidants act in neutralizing free radicals, free radicals attack tissue, this can eventually cause you to get sick. Antioxidants also counteract the aging process. Extra one is a good supplement to meet your recommended daily intake of antioxidants.

    Usage Dosage:

    Take 1 tablet with breakfast
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