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Black Burn Micronized

by Stacker
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  • Powerful and fine powder form
  • Appetite suppression
  • Contains super ingredient: Ketones
  • Blackburn Micronized is a unique formula that contains important ingredients that are supported by scientific studies. We bring you only the best ingredients for the best results! This formula contains ketones.
    Ketones are used by professional athletes to get in shape on time for their competitions. It is one of the most popular new ingredients on the market.

    • Contains a new super ingredient: Ketones
    • Advanced thermogenic formula for weight loss
    • Powerful and fine powder form
    • Helps increase fat metabolism
    • Appetite suppression

    Usage Dosage:

    Dissolve 1 scoop 5 grams in 200ml water, drink this 15 minutes before your breakfast.
    Take another dose, possibly 8 hours later in the afternoon.

    Not for use by persons under the 18 years old!
    Also not with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid, kidney and prostate problems.


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