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Pump training for more muscle growth!

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Any bodybuilder with just a little bit of bodybuilding experience knows that a good pump makes your body seem to weigh 4 to 8 kg more. You are bigger and better than ever if you have just had a tough workout. That tight feeling in your muscles when they're full of blood and nutrients, when you can see every vein and feel like your muscles can collapse - that works quite inspiring, doesn't it? Although the pump is a dynamic psychological factor in stimulating muscle growth, it is also a dynamic physiological factor. By pumping up your muscles you prepare them for growth.

Usually, it is recommended to do few repetitions with heavy weights for compound movements such as deadlifts, squats and bench presses, due to their effect on muscle mass.
Pump training is also an effective tool for progress. For that you use lighter weights and do more repetitions. You can train your body in this way to bring more fluids into your muscles so that more space and volume is released in the muscles, which ultimately leads to more muscle growth. As important as the training is for the pump, nutrition and supplements play at least as important a role. With the right nutrients - including carbohydrates needed to bring fluids into your muscles and high water intake to ensure you have those fluids in any case - you provide your body with the ability to improve and strengthen that training pump. Supplements also have a dynamic effect on the blood and fluid flow to the target muscles and here you can read the correct dosages and timing information to support your muscle building program. The three pillars of our approach - training, diet and supplements - reinforce each other during their six weeks of the program. You will not only learn how to get a pump every time, but also how to make it stronger and more effective. Afterwards, whether you follow the Pump Program with a strength training phase or a traditional bodybuilding phase, you will have gained powerful knowledge that will help you make every workout more satisfying.

During pump workouts, you will focus all your concentration on just one or at most two muscle groups per workout. Each muscle group is trained once a week with many sets and many repetitions. The training will mainly consist of isolation exercises and cable exercises so that the muscles are constantly under tension. Techniques such as pre-fatigue, post-fatigue and descending sets will be used. The rest period between sets will be between 60 and 90 seconds or as indicated per training protocol. Here the explanation of those techniques plus training tables of exercises to do, including the number of sets and repetitions and when to use these techniques.

PRE-TIRED Do an isolation exercise before doing a compound exercise (eg dumbbell flyes on an incline bench and then bench presses; lift sideways and then shoulder pads).

BREAKING SETS After a set, reduce weight by about 30% and continue without stopping until you stop.

SUPERSETS Do one set of an exercise and immediately continue with a set of another exercise for the same muscle group (eg pulldowns with wide then immediately pulldowns with underhand grip) or for opposite muscle groups (eg a set of leg extensions followed by a set of leg curls; triceps pushdowns and then biceps curls).

TRISETS Do three different movements for one muscle group in a row with minimal rest in between.

PUMP KIT This is an expression for a set of exercise or a series of sets that force as much blood as possible into the target muscle group. Use a light weight and do a lot of repetitions.