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The Transformation Program

The Transformation Program

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The Transformation Program

Build muscle and burn fat. A majority of gym goers pursue these two goals. The transformation program of VNMshop is in line with this objective. In this five-step plan, nutrition, supplementation and training are integrated in a joint approach. The feeding schedule is designed in such a way that it can be easily combined with work and social activities. We have already done the thinking for you. Now it is only up to you to put your shoulders to the wheel!
In the VNMshop transformation program you go through five steps on the way to a lean and muscular body. Each step indicates exactly what your nutrition looks like, which supplements you take and how often you train. If you do not (anymore) make progress with a certain step, you start with the next step. This way you make continuous progress. So success is assured!
Time to get started ...
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